Meet the new dimension of rock reality you have ever heard in your life! However it is considered that rock is not a music, though being a lifestyle! The reunion of musicians under a new name Band of Skulls is a dramatic explosion shocking the rock world. The music born under the fingers of the band is not like a usual loud and torturing the ear rock sounds! It is anew outburst of life, it is a new sensation, it is an entirely new world! The new album of Band of Skulls ‘Sweet Sour’ us full of ambiguous moments hesitating you and tempting all in one! On the one hand you perceive a pure life rock, on the other hand it is a perfect alternative to shift you daily luscious listening! The album being the second in the band discography presents ten compositions. The guys are said to write plain texts based of simple empty tasteless metaphors! However the touching open text should be plain to be easy and light for comprehension. It reveals us everyday truth in plain but other words, the musicians put another sense in the words we are used to think another of! Though, it is up to you. Get your chance to enjoy the new music and let another energy stream charge your life and inspire you for new deeds and performances though being minute and shirttail!

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