Amazing Vistoria’s Secret angel seems to never grow up. She still looks like a small girl strongly desiring a sweet lollipop. It is hard to believe that this hotty earns millions a year and is a divine whim of every man. Her photos prove her the same time to be a wild cat, a cruel, imperious lady or blank faced freak. It is time to shift the stereotypes!
Behati Prinsloo is a red pepper invited to all the fashion shows. Being in the pick of her popularity Beahti still does nit miss an opportunity to tease the public providing more and more hot pictures.
This Behati Prinsloo bikini photo session is notable for another fresh new image we have never seen of Behati. It seems she plays a naughty small girl freaking at every given opportunity. You know that home shows when during weekend women get insane and fiddle around the flat singing, putting on the intricate dresses and wilding the hair. This photo set presents the same way Behati going mad and tricking and teasing and flirting! Do you want to join? She is hot, she is pretty, she is naughty! An explosive cocktail to drive you and me mad!
Dear Behati, please do not turn to mature vintage lady! Stay nice and pristine as you are to admire your youth as long as possible!

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