Blake Lively hot – a picture, or a video, maybe a photo session. I don’t have to explain what goes next after “hot” because with such girl.. well it doesn’t matter, you will see click on the link to see it anyway. This girl is one of those sexy chicks from hotville which get a little miffed after those naked photos of her last summer. Yeah, don’t worry, we’ll give a link to these naked photos. But let’s return to the mystification thing. Blake went all the way to bear dating to hide that sexiness, but unfortunately got caught.
She was going on a date with Leonardo DiCaprio. After this new video of her new photo session progress for Elle magazine we must admit, Blake Lively is returning to that “I’m sexy, I know it and I am going to use my luxurious look to get ahead” just like as all celebrities do. During the shooting, Blake really showed us that she’s not only a dramatist, this babe is also a golden piece of womanhood. We hope you enjoy some of the photos for the upcoming Elle magazine. Keep up the great work, Blake!

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