Marvelous, divine, gorgeous! I am lack of words to provide a precise description of this super model forever and ever! Hard to believe that she is 40. If only I could look like her in my forty something! A model, a TV star, an actress, she prefers an active lifestyle. Being adored by many of fans she is the most invited model. The photographers like working with Brooke. The camera loves her body. There are no advantageous poses. The model is a total advantage herself.
This Brooke Burke Bikini happens to be something different. The idea of shooting the model as if she were hovering collapsed when a go-go photographer shot several pictures. Divine Brooke Burke is surrounded by men. As she stands higher the model seems to produce an effect of mistress to all that “bad boys”. Got the idea? Surely, the set has not such an intension but these photos appeared on the web the same day.
Will they produce a tornado? I guess no. Look at her perfect hot, sun kissed body and you will understand though being 40, though being popular and recognized Brooke remains natural. She turns up, she teases, she flirts! Everything she does is so natural. Due to her modeling career, she behaves easily in the eye of camera.
As promised, we present the hottest stars of 2012!

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