Let us dwell a while on the issue of main purposes of photo sessions. There are photo sets to promote a model or a photographer skills or there are special session promoting goods and services. Both kinds of sets are intended at wide audience or a certain target segment on the market.
However this Catalina Otalvaro Bikini session id the most embarrassing one you can ever meet on the web. The simple explanation is that the session is targeted to each and every. The sun kissed spicy chic appeals to you sending fluids of her immense sexuality from her photos. Furthermore, the hot babe is not promoting any swim wear for you though it would be initially intended. The flirting babe expresses a wild desire of play and delight, unfortunately, being just a photo but an inspiring photo! It is worth attention due to the sunny mood and jolly impulse it sends everybody. Another issue is a female part of the internet community who enjoys the sight of naked model body wearing tiny bikini. Do you think they pay any attention to the bikini or its trademark? Hell, no! They do enjoy the juicy curves of her belly and strive to see her spicy boobs! Attention! The question is: what for does Catalina Otalvaro wear these swim wear as nobody sees it at all?

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