Courtney Stodden

Model, Recording Artist and Actress


This really hot ,famous and outstanding model and actress, young rising pop artist  was born in the city of Tacoma in Washington on the August 29th 1994. In the early age Courtney Stodden already was shining with her skills and was taking a part in Miss Ocean Shores and she was only fifteen! The next time she was trying to make up something with her music passion that grown into something a lot bigger. She recorder the song , that gained a lot of the views o the famous networks and was called Don’t Put It On Me Girl that made her even more closer to the world popularity. Her natural beauty was mentioned by many of the outstanding people in the Hollywood and for many people around she was that actual ideal of the female perfectness.
People always stated that she was being herself in such a wonderful way. Her rising popularity and those was increasing through the series of the music video records and those numbers of the modeling projects she takes a part. Recognition came through the many of the prices hse get such as VH-1’s Top 40 Winningest Winners of 2011 and VH-1’s Top 40 Winningest Winners of 2011. Also she got The Huffington Post’s Biggest Celebrity Story of 2011. She also takes a part in the number of the charity organization, comedian shows as Funny or Die and those others that are fighting with AIDs and for protecting the animal rights.


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