Jennifer Nicole Lee

Fitness Model, Actress, Lifestyle Consultant and Author


Hard self work and greatest passion to get the desired – that were two main promoting engines for Jennifer Nicole Lee, who after two pregnancies and the happy years of married life has managed to achieve surprising results which skyrocketed her career.
The babe was born on June, 13th, 1975 in the Italian family in New York. She was a usual pie-eyed babe until she got married. Her weight reached 170 pounds and continued to grow turning the hottie into obese ugly creature! The pregnancies just worsened the case and the weight of the present wellness guru topped over 200 pounds.
She made her career reaching the most desired goal of her life and getting slim. Her sacred desire was to be loved by her husband and appear in her most delicious, hot and sexy slim image! And she made this by loosing over 70 pounds!
In 1996 Jennifer Nicole Lee got a crown of Miss Bikini America and launched a successful career of wellness expert. Now she is one of the most sought authors helping millions of people all over the world to fight the obese ugly problem and giving them a chance for a happier and easier life!
As a result of her career the hot sexy babe has appeared on 44 covers of the glam magazines as a model of beauty, slimness, health and sexuality proving that everything in this world is dependent on the woman’s fancies!


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