Jordan Carver

Glamour Model


The main secret of her success is feeling comfortable. Comfort is everything for this booby hottie starting from the beginning of her carrier. Jordan Carver was born in a family of Italian origin. After graduating from the university the chick tried herself in a hotel business where she fro the first time felt uncomfortable and understood there were things that should be changed drastically in her life! Being a hot tempered and spicy chick, Jordan engaged in modeling, however as a make up consultant rather than a model. It was the time the babe got her inspiration and further working charge. Finally she understood the glam world can be submitted to her and the babe burst into the amazing world of fashion, glam shine and hot photo session, however not without the help of one of the famous photographers having in his portfolio such world’s known clients as Playboy, Amica and Vogue! It was a surprising start up!
The babe shook the world with her naughty look and booby delightful view!2010 the devilish hot chick launched her website to tempt her fans and moved to America to feel freedom of her daring deeds. The babe has not expected her fame to burst out with thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook looking for her new spicy hot performances! And remember she will advertise unadvertisable, however in her hot booby manner!


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Sensational Jordan Carver Topless Model reveals her secrets!

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