Leilani Dowding

English Glamour Model


Getting the priorities right is a difficult and yet painful thing. You should make a decision leaving something out of your life. The same hard choice experienced Leilani Dowding! Born in a family of workers and were brought up as Roman Catholic being taught decency and etiquette the babe left home in 1998 to study economics in the university. This year was a milestone shifting all the babe’s life and turning it inside out!
In 1998 Leilani Dowding was offered a participation in Miss Great Britain contest which she successfully entered and not less successfully won! The next step the hottie should have managed is a Miss Universe contest. Having got the tempting offer to follow the prettiest babes of the world and be among them on the podium of the world’s show the babe was thrown into the hardest dilemma to get a higher education, be a decent girl and get the chance for a career or sink into the oblivion of hottest shows, spiciest sessions and public life being one of the Miss Universe babes. The choice was made and now we are presented one of the most desired babes! It would be one of the greatest sins which should complete the list of sins to hide such a juicy body in the nooks of dusty libraries and classrooms of the university and then in a stuffy office.
Since that time we were massively treated with attacks of her hottest images and sexy views in TV commercials, shows and spicy performances! Thank you, Leilani, for your choice and hot priority!


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Amazing Leilani Dowding Topless Beach performance!

We are used to see her naughty image on the covers of lad’s magazines, playing for sexy commercials and just performing her body to the wide public taking care of no hiding her juicy delicacies! Leilani Dowding has appeared in top sexy shows being a Page 3 babe, glamour model,

Sensational Leilani Dowding Lingerie photoshoot! Maxim Magazine!

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Leilani Dowding enjoys the most perfect, delicious body. The prettiest model presents you sensational photo set showing her body in all its glory. We could not even dream of such a New Year present. Leilani used to admiring and adoration providing hotter and hotter snapshots to warm the internet community.

She did it! Leilani Dowding Toplsess show!

Finally she did it! A super model and one of the contestants of Miss Universe Contest takes off her bikini top to please her fans to the New Year Eve. Her ideal body is an issue of adoration and admiring giving pleasurable moments of contemplation to all mad male fans.