Miranda Kerr

Australian Model and Victoria’s Secret Angel


What do we usually know about the glam sexy babes, actresses or socialites we are constantly talking about? The gossips, the photos and a bit of naked body with a spicy mark… However they are participating in political and cultural life of the country, develop the modern art and just present interesting personalities we know so little about! Let us take a closer look on some babes and get acquainted with their hard lives full of glam hardships and strivings for new scale new hights!
Miranda Kerr was born in Australia, April, 30th in the multi ethnic family. Her blood is spiced up with Turkish, Iranian, Filipino and Serbian cocktail. From the early childhood the babe was known for her stubborn strive to reach the goal and this character feature is still evident as starting from winning of the Dolly Magazine Competition when she was 13 Miranda has become one of the hottest and cutest Angels of Victoria’s Secrets Show! Her vigorous start up guided the hottie through many projects she took part in which were constantly leading her to the dear goal of becoming one of these cute babes strolling in the amazing lingerie on the podium sunk in the sparkling lights and bringing the utmost delight to these tender creatures seeming to be just strolling however working hard on each step on the scene!


Latest Current News:

The fantastic retro Miranda Kerr in Harper’s Bazaar presentation!

When a photographer of Harper’s Bazaar was choosing an image for the hottie it took pains to guess and create the proper atmosphere of the scene. However a photo session can not be a collapse with this hot babe taking part! Miranda Kerr in Harper’s Bazaar is the best prove

The hot Australian Miranda Kerr hot presentation!

However the session is believed to be devoted to the Australia Day, it is to major scale a teaser to all those admiring and worshipping the Victoria Angel babes. Miranda Kerr has signed a contract with Victoria’s Secrets being the sole Australian Angel and lives an angelic life for now.

Really sexy and super model Miranda Kerr exposure: Industrie Magazine

Beautiful girl that has such a great body. Enjoy her photos. Het look is so sexy and she attracts males that badly. Miranda Kerr nude body needs a lot of attention because she got so amazing back and long sexy legs that could wonder anyone. She looks that vicious and