Barbadian Recording Artist


Such a famous singer, actress and model was born on February 20 1988. The place where she was born is called Saint Michael in Barbados. She has a hard start cause her father was addicted to the drugs and when she was 14 he died. She was a really shy kid and she was trying to fin a way for those dark day with her singing. She first start doing that to her friends and only then that came out ,after years as to be one of the most famous singers nowadays. After the successful audition for the talent show in her school she made some successes and cam out for the signing to the Evan Rogers that made her first steps for the future celebrity. After recording to the Rogers she start selling her demo records and after some time she made few songs with the Jay-Z , that was quite a popular that time. This was her beginning and then she work with the Def Jam Music Group. Such albums as Music of the Sun released in 2005, A Girl Like Me 2006 , Good Girl Gone Bad 2007 and Rated R 2009 made her successful as an RNB singer. R&B Album at the 2011 American Music Awards and Best Female R&B Artist Of The Year was the Rihanna’s steps were the results of the popularity that she gained and it is growing up to now!


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