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Wrath of the Titans (2012)

Everything went cam and safe for the Perseus, but the his destiny meant to be in the other way! The last his battle with the Kraken came out with his victory and this time he has to challenge the Titans. After the underground prison break in which the Titans escaped

John Carter (2012)

The everlasting battle for surviving in the cruel environment of the world is a widely kicked around theme of the numerous movies. John Carter is the next in a row. However be it a success or a collapse we will know only on the March, 9th, 2012 after its first

Project X (2012)

Well the daily portion of spicy critic and sound ideas are ready to be presented to you! This time it will go about a new movie Project X shown on March, 2nd 2012 and having stirred a whirl of emotional discussion on moral issues of the society and values the

Gone Movie (2012)

Psychological thrillers become more and more popular holding the great share of the movie market! Why the thrillers are gaining such immense popularity is still unclear, however this genre is one of the most realistic truthfully reflecting our life. The movie we are presenting is one of a kind performing