The famous, stirring and exciting, passionate and loving, playing and tempting, Marilyn Monroe was the idol pf the 20th century. Tough many celebs try to reinterpret the image, there are scarce of successful attempts! The sexy diva was the single sex symbol able to perform such an emotional fury among the male audience! We love her and remember her light hot image.
Courtney Stodden is a 17 year old American singer breaking through the hardships of career in all possible ways, sometimes deserving sharp critics (we should admit that sometimes is almost always in her case). However the babe dares to reinterpret the image of the diva and … collapses! Courtney Stodden as Marilyn Monroe session was performed on the web and quickly gained popularity as one of the ugliest sessions we have ever presented. It is an example of what the celeb’s performance should not be anyway! Just look as the hot babe intentionally gets her white Monroe dress skirt up. As we remember from the star performance of the Marilyn song it was an unexpected and even a bit embarrassing trick, however carefully planned to produce such a feeling! The photos of the young Courtney Stodden may meet some recognition as a special erotic art, however she is far from being authentic Marilyn!

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