What can be better in the winter evening than a gorgeous body contemplation stiring your emotions? A young and famous singer Courtney Stodden performs her perfect body in a small red bikini among snows and Christmas pine trees. It is hard to resist admiration and gloat.
This Courtney Stodden bikini photo session is the next sensation from a young star after her recent marriage. On the bikini photos she is accompanied by a mysterious Santa caring about the girl almost naked in a fabulous winter wood.
Her body in the red bikini works as a bull red flag waking the daring desires and whims.
Courtney plays and flirts with the camera providing hot snapshots. The Santa tries to warm the naked girl hugging her with his big arms. After several attempts to attract the attention of a famous whimsy girl Santa presents his babe a chic and posh fir coat adding oddness to these great bikini photos.
Though being a winter fairy Courtney pictures are giving warmth and cheerful inspiration for the upcoming feasts.
At the end of this winter fairy journey Santa decides to take this spicy bikini babe with him to the far Laplandia to be a queen to Santa’s elves!
Hope to meet Courtney next winter in her hottest red bikini again!

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