Psychological thrillers become more and more popular holding the great share of the movie market! Why the thrillers are gaining such immense popularity is still unclear, however this genre is one of the most realistic truthfully reflecting our life. The movie we are presenting is one of a kind performing a horrible inner drama.
Jill Parrish comes home to find her sister disappeared. A year before the girl has narrowly escaped the kidnapping. She strongly believes the sister is abducted by the same serial killer. However having no evidences of the killer, Jill is denied to get the police help and gets down to her own investigation.
The high tension is carefully kept through the entire plot line. Amanda Seyfried, playing Jill has perfectly matched the image of the sister facing the thrills of the night where her little sister disappeared! Will the babe be able to find her sister and reveal the villain?
Though the film has got many critical notes it is still worth watching! The picture amazes with the development of the plot line and unexpected turns of the story. To get your idea of the film you have a possibility to enjoy the trailers or watch the full film having been performed on the 24th of February! An amazing thrilling adventure will not leave you indifferent!

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