Hilltop Hoods ‘Drinking From The Sun’ – the purest form of the sound delight. The album that the group has recently presented is a new dimension of hip hop ever known before. The album was started in 2011 with its first single “I love it”. The guys create the sensitive hip hop full of sense and being greatly different from that roaring empty sounds imitating hip hop trend and being different form the previous band creations. The Hilltop Hoods is something able to turn back the good old rap.
The album “Drinking From The Sun” presents 13 tracks. In the process of its creating the guys were keeping silent or threw some sketchy notes commenting the singles and the album itself. However the band promote the singles on Facebook inspiring the fans with tempting teasers.
The album was released on the March, 9th, 2012 and has gained maximum of reviews. The samples care light and inspiration inspiring the hearers for light and easy mood. However now the long-waited album is available to judge and compare.
The new album performs an easy delightful hearing and will satisfy many any musical sophisticate. However, if you are just a good music lover, the samples of the album will drive you in a perfect good mood!

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