You know, it’s really not cool to wait for things. Like, every one of us would sneak down on Christmas Eve in the early morning to check the presents under the tree. The same thing is happening with these upcoming mind blowing photos with Bar Refaeli bikini hotness. Yeah, a lot of people are waiting for this to happen, we know. Since it’s Christmas eve we’ve got a little present for you. Well, not exactly a present, but you’ll love it for sure.Bar Refaeli will not only be doing a hot bikini photo session, there will also be a video of her. That’s right! This means seeing that luxurious body in action. We are really proud and can’t wait for it. Right know she is wrapping up with this whole video and photo session thing. Finally after three months of hard work we are going to see some results. This is a very exciting moment for all of us. We have even been received thousands of emails, asking to be signed up for our news, just to be in touch and recive her work as soon as possible. Rafaeli, we can’t wait to see you!

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