The everlasting battle for surviving in the cruel environment of the world is a widely kicked around theme of the numerous movies. John Carter is the next in a row. However be it a success or a collapse we will know only on the March, 9th, 2012 after its first night! The critical reviews are still high and we are going to be amazed with a fantastic story of a former captain mystically transported to Mars. The planet is devastated and ruined with two warring tribes inhabiting the planet! Right in the situation John Carter realizes his humanity and his duty to bring together the peoples and show the peaceful life is much better of constant warring! Though the plot is not fresh for the modern cinema world however the film has got the highest reviews of the world’s film critics what gives it an advantage and promotes the drive to watch and enjoy the movie. Considering the newest technologies and possibilities the film can not be dull with its captivating Mars battles scenes! The fascinating views, the unusual creature inhabiting unknown lands and newest adventures can not leave you indifferent!
The film is distributed by the Walt Disney Pictures. The movie will be shown in the most popular formats of 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D for you utmost enjoy!

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