Heads up its Keira Knightley hot 2012 photo session for the world’s leading men’s magazine British GQ! I know you are very excited about such an event because the last time we all say our lovely Keira was all the way back in September 2011 on your screens in Dangerous Method. Not long ago, Keira produced quite a spectacular pictorial posing, which will be released in British GQ in March 2012.
That sexy face, as usual wont strike us in this March. Instead, we will have that icy and elegant new look of her, which is very inspiring. Keira Knightley herself is really enjoying the work “Right now I am having a great time with all the photo sessions for British HQ. I finally stopped worrying about my calls, scripts, and some mean people on the internet” We’ve also asked Kiera a question about peoples tastes and got an answer “You know, I am not that kind of woman to be in all peoples tastes, to be that thing in the middle. Lots of celebrities would like to be in that “mushy middle”, but not me. I think it is better to do your own thing.”

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