The hottest babe and active socialite reveals her inner secrets in the interview of Kim Kardashian in U.K. Cosmo! This hot babe is an object of hottest admiration of millions of fans all over the globe. Being a daughter of third generation Armenian American Kim has got the spicy burning hot Armenian blood in her veins which makes her passionate and wild even in her usual daily motion!
This time the hottie tells the edition the story of her life and hope meanwhile posing in front of the camera! An amazing work of her body and soul, glance and moves, inner wild nature and passion makes the babe a spicy hot and wild looking. Kim Kardashian teases the public turning all the male staff being unconscious of what she does!
The sexy hottie hopes to meet her love somewhere in the future and be happy with no evident display of the relationship to the wide public! Still her heart is free and her mind is full of lecherous ideas of playing tempting hot games! The babe goes wild feeling the hotness of her audience. Hew blood keeps burning with each new passionate glance magnetized to her hot sexy body though being hidden behind the simple daily outfit still accentuating her hotness and sensuality! Do not miss the hottest chance to enjoy the babe till she is free of relations and lets her inner wildness to passionately burst out!

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