Madonna, the greatest pop dive of the twentieth century has granted her fans a new album full of hits. However there were no collapses in her career!! It is hard not to be her fan as her songs have brought up several generations accompanying ups and downs of our lives.
Madonna ‘MDNA’ has become her 12th album released on the 23, March, 2012 and hit the top of the charts. No wonder as the dive has always created not songs, but hits. This album according to the singer consideration is full of energy and is one of the most rhythmic creations of the pop diva. It has deserved most of the positive reviews. It is the single album of Madonna performed without Warner Bros.Records. Madonna has engaged the highest and most competent staff during the album production hoping to make a shift into the pop music history! The album was worked out with numerous producers as Benny Benassi, Michael Malih, Demolition Crew and other to make a sensational masterpiece!
However everything is well spiced with a portion of sharp critic! The album is claimed to be to clichéd and too Madonna meaning that there is no space left for the new creativity as everything in the album is made in Madonna manner! However it is her album and it would be weird if the album resembled of somebody else. Truth to say there is a rational kernel in this critical statement as we were expecting something fresh and bursting, exciting and wild. And we have got it. But all in Madonna manner, not very fresh however!

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