A model, an actress and an active socialite! Except all these the babe has the sexiest and most revealed body in the world and mostly desired in the hot male web space! Micaela Schaefer is a known babe for her whimsical habit to display her perfect hot body. Being it a kind of sex satisfaction or a way of attracting the hot sexy ogles of the crazy hot male fans noticing the tiny cloth intended to be a dress!
Micaela Schaefer see-through last appearance however shocked the public. The snap shots were taken right during the ceremony movie premier. When the naked babe entered the hall everybody lost the interest towards upcoming films and gave it all to the thin spidery lace covering her totally naked body stirring the erotic tidal wave. When the babe moved across the hall occasionally making her nipples unveiled the public sighed with excite and embarrassment! Her sexlicious boobs heaved each time revealing the hot and sensual parts of nipples. Though the dress was almost naked it added some hot spice to the action making the babe an even more desired but forbidden fruit. The ceremony was successfully finished however there were hardly a few men paying attention to what was happening on the screens and what was premiered on that evening!

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