Well the daily portion of spicy critic and sound ideas are ready to be presented to you! This time it will go about a new movie Project X shown on March, 2nd 2012 and having stirred a whirl of emotional discussion on moral issues of the society and values the cinema praises and so on! So what is so awful about the film it has deserves such a sharp critic and comments. Now a bit about the plot of the movie. The story touches three youngster having the strongest desire to gain the popularity among other students and decide to throw a party inviting all the friends. However the school word of mouth works quiet well and the news about the party are flashing the school. The guy taking the guests at his house has to follow some rules set by his father, however from the very beginning the plan bursts out of the control and the party goes wild and mad! Thomas does not know what to do and just enjoys the show taking no care of the consequences of the party and destroying of his house!
The film has divided the viewers into two parts. The first one takes the film too close and sharply criticizes the plot claiming the film to be disgracing the moral values of American youth. Another part has accepted the movie as it is without deep investigation into hidden ideas and intentions of the film. It is easy to watch being a good example of plain and empty of deep essence comedy being a nice alternative to some serious movie! Project X is a nice way to relax and free your head of dull torturing thoughts of sense of life and the stuff. Just enjoy!

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