However the session is believed to be devoted to the Australia Day, it is to major scale a teaser to all those admiring and worshipping the Victoria Angel babes. Miranda Kerr has signed a contract with Victoria’s Secrets being the sole Australian Angel and lives an angelic life for now.
Now the babe has been chosen a Wonder Woman. Her iconic look, and being just an icon herself made her the best choice to represent the sacred ideals of love, peace and sexual equality in the world of hatred and cruelty and injustice.
However the point is not her role in this Miranda Kerr Hot session, but the image of a strong sexy woman revealing her hot sexy nature and immense erotic drive under the national flag of the USA. Is it a hidden outcry or an unveiled appeal to feel sexually free? However this philosophy does not bother the mad minds of male fans seeing only the sexual babe wearing some colored cloth they would eagerly tear off if it would be possible of course. And it does not prove our cruelty or sexual inequality. It just prove that millions of years of evolution has not changed our wild nature and hot sex instincts. However the nature has granted us a perfect give of enjoying sex as a process and not s means to reproduce the human race (being our main distinction from all other forms of life).
So take the chance to enjoy this angelic babe out of Victoria’s scene!

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