The Ting Tings is a delicious duo of Jules de Martino and pretty naughty blond Katie White performing their second album – The Ting Tings ‘Sounds From Nowheresville’ with a captivating story of its creation and many new songs puffing ahead of the main stream of their creativity!
To create the new album the duo moves to Berlin to be lost inside new inspiration and escape the influence of common daily routine surrounding them in the family and in friendly circles. The basement of a Jazz club is perfect to reflect the mood being deprived of everything to stir the creative outburst. The guys write a couple of new singles however being not very delighted of the result.
The first thing shown and sounded to the world of his new still for that time no name album (the presumable name was Kunst, but still the album got another notion) was “Hands” that evoked a stir of fans emotions and brought the guys up to the top of Billboard Dance Charts. The next singles the duo released were sensitive Silence, jolly Hang It Up and bursting Hit Me Down Sonny. At DScope Festival in Madrid the The Ting Tings announced the start of filming the clips on the singles.
The work on the album was really hard and followed by millions of fans of The Ting Tings ‘Sounds From Nowheresville’ all over the world thanks to Twitter and Facebook. Finally the album got its name and was released in 2012, February, 27th. The guys had born the album putting into the songs their new vision of the world, inner affection and emotions to stir the fans and charge with daring ideas!

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