Everything went cam and safe for the Perseus, but the his destiny meant to be in the other way! The last his battle with the Kraken came out with his victory and this time he has to challenge the Titans. After the underground prison break in which the Titans escaped and came back to the human world, they tried to change everything and challenged Zeus. He was neglected by them and lost all his powers and now is in the underground world. Perseus goes to help him and wants to challenge the Titans and give the Zeus back his power to save the world. Now everything is not just about the battle of gods and titans, all is about the saving of the world, cause all those negative power would bring the unbelievable changes and the destruction of all humanity. The challenge for main hero is to go to the Tartarus through the labyrinth with the Minotaur that is on the guard and would not let anybody jest get inside. That long passage has to be difficult and see if he would make it up to the end! Wrath of the Titans would catch your imagination into the world of the tremendous sights and action! Bring yourself those unbelievable scenes that could be seen even in 3D that would make it even more real!

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