Holly Peers

UK Glamour Model


High brunette with green eyes and hot body is worth not only admiration for her beauty and natural sexuality she shares with us each time the glam edition puts her sexy image on the cover. Holly Peers wins fan’s love and passion due to her hard work and exploding fast career.
The babe was born in 1987, on the July, 30th in Manchester. However her modeling career has started only in 2009 with the appearance of her hot look in the Nuts Magazine giving her a great charge for further sex motion on the pages of other editions! The babe does not hesitate to display her nude body being a point of admiration to millions of men all over the world and inspiring thousands of females envying her hotness!
Making her fast career the British hot babe has proceeded to the Page Three and the Loaded. Her body turns more and more popular making the babe one of the most desired in the web and among printed additions! Holly Peers was chosen to be a front cover babe for the 2011 and consequently 2012 calendars!
Holly is a fan of Manchester City and can frequemtly be seen on sport occasions and in sport images on the pages! However, during the photo sessions the babe promotes another kind of sport (you know what I mean) revealing her hottest naughty nature!


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