Kate Upton will jump on the pages of Esquire Magazine this year in March. Good thing we don’t have to wait any more, because her new photo session is in two weeks! Last time we get to saw her in fall 2011. Those photos were just fantastically hot! And guess what! Kate has worked hard on herself to have even sweeter forms. That fabulous ass, her smart, sexy look and those two luxurious big breasts which you will see in March prove that she is a real goddess. Just take a look at some of her pictures we’ve been sent last week. Can you imagine a woman with a more perfect hot body than her? I don’t think so. Kate Upton covered topless is something you would be looking at in the morning, before you go to work just to get that inspiration for the new day. What else is there to say about Kate? I think we’ve already said everything we’ve could. There are a lot of spooky rumors going on about her for the last month, but let’s not get into that. You just sit back and enjoy your favorite goddess dressed in delicious sexy underwear.

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